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For my t-shirt printing, I go through Zazzle.com. I strongly recommend that you order their "Premium" t-shirt, rather than the basic model. It is the printing process that is "premium", in addition to the shirt. The results are much closer to my original designs. I do not want you to be disappointed with your purchase, and I'm afraid you'll find their "basic" t-shirt less than satisfactory.

The difference is night and day on a design like "Squeaky". See for yourself:

Basic T-Shirt Premium T-Shirt
Basic T-Shirt Premium T-Shirt

Available Designs

Neville and Gladys, 1997 Oswald, 1997 Clive, 1998 Pi, 1999 Sisyphus, 2000 Chris and Morty, 2000 Benjamin Franklin Erupts, 2000 Squeaky, 2001 Picasso Enters His 'Kind Of Blue' Period, 2001 Rapunzel, 2001 Cielito Lindo, 2001 Light, 2001 Darkness, 2001 Fields of White, 2001 Monet Takes A Wrong Turn, 2002 God Oversleeps, 2002 Pavlov's Dog, Schrödinger's Cat, 2002 I Settled For Loving You, 2003 Trojan War, 2003 Simplify, 2003 Alphabet Piece, 2003 Prometheus, 2004 The Rules, 2004 Genesis, 2005