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Picture of Greg holding Steichen book


After receiving his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Florida, Greg entered the workforce as a software developer. One day in 1996, while bored in a computer training class, he fired up Microsoft Paint and began drawing cartoons to amuse himself and his friends. Encouraged by the results, he continued to develop his style and technique.

The Process

Now using Adobe Photoshop, Greg creates his pieces in high resolution, so that when the work is scaled down for printing, the results are smooth, not jagged and "computery". The digital medium allows him to incorporate hand-drawn elements with scanned and photographic images. The editing software permits the individual elements that make up the piece to be positioned and tweaked to form the overall composition. Greg then prints the resulting work on a photographic-quality inkjet printer onto photo paper, a blank greeting card, or glossy film, depending on the requirements of the piece.

Inspiration and Influences

Greg's work uniquely combines elements of humor, fine art, cartooning, graphic arts, photography, music, metaphysics, history, folklore, mythology, psychology, and quantum physics. Greg's ideas come from many places, from a passing thought to a misheard phrase. While some of Greg's work recalls that of Gary Larson's The Far Side, a bigger but less obvious influence is the work of Edward Gorey. Since humor is a consistent element through most of his work, Greg would be remiss if he did not credit Monty Python's Flying Circus for some of the absurdity he embraces.

Community Involvement

Greg has donated works to the Works of Heart art auction to benefit the local AIDS Service Agency, and urges all art lovers in the Raleigh area to attend this annual event held every October.

He is also an avid supporter of Raleigh's First Friday Gallery Walk, a monthly event where one can see art, meet the artist, and buy their work. The event is held on the first Friday of every month, and takes place in the Moore Square art district, and on south Glenwood Avenue.

Greg welcomes your questions and comments, and can be reached at info@gregorear.com.

Greg also has a blog, Spatter.

Shows and Venues

Greg's work has shown at the following locations:

Greg has participated in the following shows: